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Curly Leaf Pondweed Alert!

Curly leaf pondweed, a prolific invasive plant, has been found in Island Lake, the mouth of the Manitowish River, in the Spider Island Channel, as well as a very large proliferation in Rice Creek where it flows into Island Lake. In the coming weeks, the WI-DNR is conducting a point-intercept survey in Island Lake which will tell us the variety and quantity of all species of aquatic plants in the lake. This will give us the basis for a lake management plan which may or may not include treatment.

In the meantime, we are very concerned about the movement of this invasive plant into the rest of the lakes in the Manitowish Chain and urge everyonem to clean thier boats and props. It spreads via hard vegetative buds, so please be careful to prevent the spread. Additionally, please let us know if you see any additional sites with curly leaf pondweed. It is usually found in waters 6-10 feet with a soft substrate. For more information, please contact: